Remember the days when you would wake up, run over to your friends house and not come home until dinner? That is what I remember most about growing up in Western Springs. I would be out all day playing different games with my friends. We never sat in front of the TV, we always had a game to play whether we had a large group or if it was just a couple close friends. Children don’t have that opportunity anymore, they have too many activities and distractions. In the day of technology and organized/competitive sports, children don’t get the chance to just play!

Blue Moose Sports Camp was created to give children a place to stay active and play during the summer. It is important for children to be active. These are the years that they should be developing a love for fitness and their health. Blue Moose Sports Camp gives them the chance to enjoy simple games in a safe and fun environment. It is important for children to play!

At Blue Moose Sports camp, our goal is to build a stronger community through sport. We believe that every child should experience the enjoyment of being active and being a part of a group – regardless of their ability level, or previous experiences.

We look forward to seeing you and your children at the numerous camps offered by Blue Moose Sports Camp throughout the year.

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